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Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Are you interested in expanding your local business, starting a new business or relocating your business in Dacono? The Dacono community development team is available to answer your questions, provide technical advice and any support that you need. We’ll walk you through the process of finding a location, land use entitlements and obtaining the proper permits. We are also happy to schedule pre-application meetings to answer all your questions.

The City of Dacono focuses on attracting and retaining businesses. We appreciate the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of our local business owners and pride ourselves on the services we provide to the local business community. Whether you have a business in Dacono and are expanding, or interested in starting a new business, Dacono business incentives are available. Our qualified team is here to assist and help you find a location suitable for your business and expansion goals. 

The City of Dacono’s on-site community development team understands the importance of state and local incentives in the site selection process. 

City of Dacono Mayor, Joe Baker

“In the heart of a thriving Colorado economy, the City of Dacono is pro-growth and pro-business. We offer a variety of housing options for every lifestyle and have recently opened a state-of-the-art PreK-8 school. Dacono is a city that envisions and supports technical, professional and entrepreneurial employment opportunities. And, we are near the world-class recreation that Colorado is famous for.”


The City offers a variety of incentives and assistance options for business. The specific type of incentive or assistance will depend upon the needs of the business as well as the benefits created by the proposed business. The City Council, at its sole discretion, may provide certain economic development assistance or incentives for existing businesses and new businesses located within the corporate limits. Examples of the type of incentives and assistance available are as follows: 

  • Waiver or reduction of city land development application fees
  • Rebate of City sales tax for a defined period
  • Waiver or reduction in water tap fees 
  • Waiver or reduction in raw water dedication 
  • Rebate of the monthly City water rate for a defined period 
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Public Improvement Fees
  • Business Improvement District
  • Infrastructure assistance
  • Special Districts as authorized by C.R.S. Title 32, Article 1
  • Other

Contact us today for incentive information:

Economic Development and Business Assistance Policy

The City’s Economic Development and Business Assistance Policy provides guidelines for applying for and receiving financial incentives to facilitate economic growth.

Weld County Enterprise Zone–State Income Tax Credits

State income tax credits are available to encourage businesses to locate or expand in designated areas of the state, including areas within the City of Dacono. Companies that locate or expand within the physical boundaries of the Enterprise Zone are eligible to earn a variety of state income tax credits based on their specific activities primarily in equipment investment, job creation/training, research and development activities, etc., which are summarized in this document. Earned credits are applied to the company’s Colorado income tax liability, thereby reducing it.

Innovative Switchgear Solutions, Inc. President and General Counsel, Lisa Sattler Blackburn, and the Innovative Switchgear management team analyzed various business locations before deciding to locate in the City of Dacono. What the team most liked about Dacono is

“Its close proximity to I-25 and DIA, and central location within the U.S. The City’s tax credits also provided a strong incentive to locate in Dacono.” Blackburn explains, “In 2013, with three employees, Innovative Switchgear moved into a 10,000 square foot building in Dacono. In 2018 we found that we were in a position to expand. We doubled our space and chose to remain in Dacono.” Lisa also appreciates that Dacono’s location creates a positive environment for employee recruitment and retention. “We are not too far north of Denver, but far enough north to make it an affordable place to live.” “This,” she says, “is critical when you are looking for employees.”

Zoned for Success

Opportunity Zones were enacted as part of the 2017 tax reform package (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act). The incentive is a deferral, reduction and potential elimination of certain federal capital gains taxes. It is designed to promote a business-friendly environment in economically distressed areas.

The City of Dacono’s Opportunity Zone is located near SH 52 and I-25. This federal tax incentive allows investors to defer or avoid capital gains taxes when they financially invest in designated zones. This community development program promotes economic stability, job growth and improved housing conditions in select areas of the City to promote economic stability, job growth and improved housing opportunities.  

Dacono’s Enterprise and Opportunity Zones provide valuable tax incentives, expedited plan review and grants–all designed to help companies thrive.

Dacono’s Opportunity Zone priorities include: 

  1. Residential Development 
  2. Retail Development 
  3. Mixed-Use Development

EarthRoamer Founder and CEO, Bill Swails, explains why he chose Dacono as the site for his business that manufactures luxury expedition vehicles

“We were looking for space, good access to Denver International Airport and close proximity to I-25.” Bill also was impressed that Dacono is committed to a “pro-growth and pro-business environment.”

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